Experience Matters!

​So many projects look great conceptually, seem to plot out well for scheduling, and look pretty straight forward on paper.  After all, they do them on cable TV with models as carpenters and they get it done by dinner time - ready to prepare that gourmet meal.   The reality is a little different and a builder/remodeling contractor [to become decent] needs to go through a ten year learning curve.  We've have more than twice that and the result is an excellent finished product.  Whether you start from scratch or want to rebuild, we've got you covered!

Functionality and Style

Kitchen remodeling, and house remodeling in general requires you to find the right remodeling contractors.  Look no further!  We've been improving our client's homes for over 20 years.  Let's do yours next!


Kitchen Remodeling

Shaker details never go out of style and add lots of value to your home.  Classic details and warm tones can blend in with many interior home motifs.  Stone counter tops and stainless steel - what could be better?

The Process



See For Yourself!

​Our pictures give several ideas on how you may want to improve your space.  With the abundance of sources for ideas available you be artistic - start with a clean canvas to help create this all-important room within your home.  Let us help you through the process.  You may not have done it that often - but we have!  

This new Kitchen in also in one of our new home projects and is full-featured - right down to the wine room.  High-end appliances and features abound - including radiant heat under the floor tile!

The Results

This new Kitchen in one of our new home projects is the combination of classic elements and modern design.  Full overlay cabinetry and stainless steel make this a center piece to this custom mountain home.  

Next Steps

It's Up To You!

​In order to take step two... you have to take step one.  Give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll connect.  Having an updated Kitchen improves your home's value and makes all of the time you spend there much more enjoyable.  We'll provide an initial consultation and an estimate for free!  

Whatever you need: new construction, renovation, home improvements  Transform your home... and transform your life!



Kitchens / Bathrooms

Decks / Sun Rooms


New Homes


Fail to Plan?  Fail!

So you want to build or rebuild your Kitchen?  Let's go!  It all begins with proper planning and design.  We help every step of the way and allow our decades of experience to benefit you - helping you to make your vision become real.  From proper design documents to a project plan that keeps you and all subcontractors in the loop. Ready to change things up?  We would be happy to help you get started.

A Kitchen renovation on a 200+ year old house?  An old fireplace that was an eyesore?  No problem!  This Kitchen was part one of a two part whole house renovation.  Country details and a restored focal point.

Another new home project Kitchen that borrows from a variety of styles.  Fully customized cabinetry - many fabricated from vendor components and glass on site by our expert carpenters.

Home Improvement Experts